About W.E.E.

Our Story

Networking is a great place to meet people and to gain exposure for your purpose, passions, visions and businesses. Face to Face can be more powerful than emails, texts, phone calls and social media. 


I spent one year traveling two hours one round trip twice a month attending networking meetings. I also jumped at every opportunity to attend networking meetings locally when invited on social media. Thousands of miles later and hundreds of dollars in marketing materials did not result in business growth. After analyzing my endeavors I came to the conclusion that more was needed than just to meet, greet, and eat. Structure with purpose was missing.


W.E.E. (Women’s Entrepreneurial Empower) was born, a networking venue for small businesses… Any age… Millennial’s… New start ups…and needing a boost. We meet to support, empower, learn and teach for strategic business growth and personal development. We engage in community support. We welcome new members who are open to new ideas and who support and uplift fellow women entrepreneurs.

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Foundation Members

Sabrina Farmer-Protic

Founder  - Meeting Structure

Millie Cordero

Meeting Documentations

Tracy Crist


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